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Drawing the Line
Vintage Ware and Consulting

By Professional Crafter, Editor, and Advocate:

Violet Imogen Querejeta



Welcome to Our Progressive Store

Everything herein is designed to help women and children who are living in and/or leaving a situation of domestic violence. Any Item in our Shop can be purchased for a woman or child in need. To donate, simply purchase the item you wish to donate, and when you provide your address, add the word "donate." Items and proceeds delivered every week to a domestic violence shelter to support women and children who are recovering from DV traumas.



Violet Imogen Querejeta is a professor of writing whose work is primarily concerned with digital humanities, media, and film. She has almost twenty years of experience teaching in the field. She is an award-winning course content builder and a writer. She's been writing creatively since she was twelve years old. She can be hired by the hour for private, online consulting as a freelance writer who can help you research, work up a draft, edit your writing, create your CV/resume, review letters of application. If your needs fall out of this scope, you can request a free short consultation to determine if your needs fall within her scope of expertise. If you like the design of this site, Violet can also be hired to create the digital/Web presentation of any of the above.

One of her areas of expertise is family violence and domestic terrorism. Violet can be hired based on an hourly fee to organize evidence, connect those in need with those who can help, or to educate about, not just the signs of domestic violence, but the invisible web abusers cast so their victims cannot leave. No one stays in a violent or abusive situation because they truly have a choice. She hopes to make more people aware of this FACT.


Violet helps victims find the words they need to expose the invisible web they have been or still are trapped within. Abuse is a complex system of power and control used by a person with power to deny the human rights of another human being for personal gain. It is a puzzle that has to be put together before it can be understood. A victim's understanding of what they have been through does not come quickly or easily for this reason. Violet's passion is helping victims unpack their circumstances and understand what happened to them.

Division of Proceeds from Services and Store Products.

A quarter of profits from sales on this page are donated to organizations who help victims of domestic violence, a quarter goes to the continued care of her children to recover from a childhood of domestic terrorism, and fifty percent of the proceeds go to the creator and proprietary to recover the three hundred thousand dollars she invested in her own survival and escape from domestic tyranny.

Violet encourages anyone who would like to retain her services to remember that technology and the Internet are powerful tools for anyone experiencing domestic violence. They can be essential resources to access help and information, and valuable platforms to connect with friends, family members, advocates, and service providers. Unfortunately, they can also be used by abusive partners to begin, continue, or escalate abuse, making it all the more important to ensure your safety online. 

She also encourages victims to be carefully courageous and not give up hope. If you find yourself in this situation, you can take the first step that she took and call the National Domestic Violence Hotline. You are never alone.

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